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A little about me...


At 10 years old I began my training at the Italia Conti Stage School and ever since I have been working as an actor and presenter in television, film and commercials.

There are some jobs that stand out more than others from over the years, a favourite has to be Ed Sheeran's 'Antisocial' music video, in which I play Bev, an over the top shopping channel presenter... selling Edible Ed of course (which has now had almost 70 million views on YouTube!); another highlight was presenting the live weekday quiz show for the Daily Mail 'Mail Plus Trivia Live' and also co-hosting The Chase livestream special alongside Anne Hegerty with ITV. Another fun role I remember fondly was playing the drunk fairy that got taken away in a champagne bubble for the BBC2 Christmas continuity ident!

As well as working as an actor and presenter, I am also a trained make-up/hair artist, beauty therapist and skin care specialist. I have been working with The Chelsea Laboratory to develop Firm & Restore Formula which is making exciting waves in the skincare market and I am very proud of its success. I have also worked as a spokesperson for brands such as Rimmel, NYX and Makebelieve. Over recent years I have had several opportunities to combine my on screen experience with my skills in the beauty industry and I had the incredible opportunity of going undercover for Channel 4 in the hidden camera show 'Shop Secrets Tricks of the Trade' playing the part of an under-cover, unscrupulous beauty therapist. I had to slap customers around the face and tell them it was good for their skin! More about my make-up, beauty and skincare work can be found here:


I am always pursuing new opportunities in film and television and have recently been part of some exciting pilots so I look forward to the future continuing with my career and having lots more fun along the way!



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