Hi and thanks for stopping by my website! So here is a little about me...


It all started when I was just 10 years old when I began my training at the Italia Conti Stage School and I have been working in TV, film and commercials ever since (and love every minute of it!). 

There are some jobs that stand out more than others during my career, and there are two that immediately spring to mind; Ed Sheeran's 'Antisocial' music video, in which I play Bev, an over the top shopping channel presenter... selling Edible Ed of course (which has now had 60 million views on YouTube!); and another highlight, presenting the live weekday quiz show for the Daily Mail 'Mail Plus Trivia Live'.

As an actor and presenter I have worked on so many different productions that I have to say I have lost count! One I remember fondly though is playing the part of the drunk fairy that got taken away in a champagne bubble for the BBC2 Christmas continuity ident!

As well as working as an actor and presenter, I am also a trained make-up/hair artist and beauty therapist and over recent years I have had several opportunities to combine my on screen experience with my skills in the beauty industry. I had the incredible opportunity of going undercover for Channel 4 in the hidden camera show 'Shop Secrets Tricks of the Trade' playing the part of an unscrupulous beauty therapist. I had to slap customers around the face and tell them it was good for their skin! I have also worked as a spokesperson for brands such as Rimmel, NYX and Makebelieve.


A few years ago I got the bug for writing and producing, and I decided my first project was to be my own comedy sketch show. It was great fun to work on and for my first attempt at writing/producing I am very proud of the results. Its titled 'Three Men & A Lady' and you can find out more about this project by clicking here. I enjoyed this taster of writing so much that I have since found myself writing a sit-com based around my weird experiences of working in the beauty industry. I have really loved this process and am so proud of the finished script (which I am currently pitching, so watch this space!).


I look forward to continuing my career... and having lots more fun along the way!


Thanks for reading!