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An experienced voice artist with a professional home studio, Melissa has voiced many commercials, corporate films and audio books. With a clear, engaging voice and a neutral accent, Melissa'a voice can bring your advert, film or narration to life.
Home Studio Voice Reel - Melissa Hartzel
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Clear and engaging voice over

An informative film for Royal College of Nursing. 

AI voice over

Artificial intelligence voice over for Complygate.

Clear and informative voice over

A corporate film on philanthropic banking. 

Engaging  and instructional voice over

A training film for Renault.

Neutral Selling voice over

A commercial for TV Wordsearch Competition.


Informative corporate voice over

A corporate tech information video.

Bright and friendly voice over

A television commercial for Vallient Fireside.

Friendly and engaging voice over

TV commercial for Woods Furniture

Crisp and clear voice over

A corporate for Manoj Karnavar fine Indian Dining

Warm and informative voice over

A television commercial for Rointe.

Warm and energetic voice over

A TV commercial for Pure Theatre Home cinema.

Upbeat and happy voice over

Gala Tent TV advert

Friendly and engaging voice over

A corporate for DUA & Co.


Builds with intensity voice over

Watches 2 U TV advert

Soft and sincere voice over

Belvedere Clinic TV advert