Comedy Sketch Show

Three Men & a Lady

Melissa produced, co-wrote and acted in her online comedy sketch show 'Three Men & a Lady'. Influenced by comedy performances of yester-year including Benny Hill, The Two Ronnies and Smack The Pony; Three Men & A Lady is a collection of observations from our everyday lives wrapped up in a warm and funny sketch show. Now with over 3.000,000 views on Youtube across the sketches.


Melissa has also created and co-written scripted comedy series 'Melissa M.U.A'  which is based on Melissa's experiences working as a shopping TV presenter and #Whipplestopped a social media centered comedy based on an 'influencer' prepared to do anything for a freebie.

Melissa M.U.A.


Melissa, a thirty something, single, ditzy, British beauty counter girl mistakenly gets picked to represent the hottest make-up brand on US shopping TV. Propelled from her boring make-up artist job in a London department store, to an unfamiliar New York City lifestyle filled with glamour and glitz, Melissa constantly attempts to evade detection as she tries to blag her way to a celebrity status.


Happy Birthday Me 2.jpg




Clancy Whipplestoppe, a broke, wannabe social media influencer will go to any lengths to mask her sad, lonely existence with sensational social media posts. Clancy is prepared to do whatever it takes to ensure it appears that she is living a glamorous and enviable lifestyle. Although her purse is empty, her ambition to keep up the perception of an awe-inspiring life remains her number one priority, so she will do whatever it takes to live the 'high' life for free!

The treatments/scripts for both series ideas are available on request.